Wireless Site Surveys

Providing users with a great user experience all begins with proper wireless planning and design. Active Expert has one of the top WLAN design teams in the world with extensive experience supporting some of the largest wireless networks from around the world. We partner with our clients to plan and design networks to meet their specific needs. From All-Wireless-Office solutions for major hospitals, designing WLANs for some of the world’s largest tech companies, or supporting 85 thousand screaming fans at major sports arenas, our team has the proven experience and track record of accomplishing the mission.

So, give us a call. In minutes you will be set up with a subject matter expert to answer your questions. In fact, we do not have a dedicated sales force, just a world-class team of experts who have a passion for their craft, PMs who support our projects and a training group which ensures we all stay current with the latest innovations.

Active Expert – We provide that gaurantee companies look for when making major investments in wireless and security. Rock solid SLA’s our team stands behind.