Professional Services

Although we have expert resources in several verticals around IT, staying focused is at our core. We enjoy and are passionate about what we do best, and enjoy the reputation of “standing apart” in the Wireless and Security verticals. Sure our team could help you design and deploy AWS solutions or Enterprise Data Center but these are not engagements we would support today because they are not area’s we feel we could deliver exceptionally well. We have SME’s in both of these area’s at the Expert level, however, our professional services team is focused on our core area’s Wireless, Security, and the expertise is there as “support resources” should our core competencies cross these other areas as they often do.

Professional Services we offer


Typical Engagements

From project support to staff augmentation, our resources play significant roles in achieving our clients’ technical challenges, goals, and objectives. While we have expertise across several domains in enterprise tech, when it comes to Enterprise Wireless, and Security we stand apart.

Lifecycle Services

Planning is often the most critical phase of any technical project and unfortunately, one that is often “short-changed” or “overlooked”. It is in this phase requirements are outlined to all parties, all relevant project information is collected, and reports are created laying the foundation for all other phases. Get this phase right and you and your team are heroes. Furthermore, you will see the fastest ROI on your technology investments.

Design is often credited as the most important phase of a technologies life cycle, but remember a design is only as good as the information obtained in the planning phase. It is at this phase architects assume and analyze all the information collected in the planning phase to identify the right solution for the needs of the enterprise today and years to come. Creating an optimal enterprise design requires thorough experience not just with a given technology, it requires proven experience designing solutions for enterprises of

The implementation phase is performed based on the solution created in the design phase. In this phase at the “enterprise level,” nothing should be left to chance. Design documents, BOM’s, and all relevant supporting documentation is passed to the implementation teams. When performed correctly the implementation phase should be one of the most straightforward phases of the life-cycle.

"Having unexpected issues or delay’s in the implementation phase can be a major warning sign steps were missed in previous phases. "

We find it’s only too common some vendors, IT services providers, and VAR’s consider this to be the final phase of their involvement.

In the operation phase, the technology is in-production and utilized by the enterprise as it was initially designed to be. All phases leading to the operation phase are based on the partner/client relationship and the skillset of the professional services teams involved in previous phases.

The optimization phase of a technology lifecycle is a critical phase often overlooked by many providers. It’s in this phase we get valuable feedback from clients in the operation phase, and further, optimize the solution the solution to meet customer goals and demands. While many providers plan and design to meet requirements and goals before equipment is ever installed, it’s only after our client provides feedback we can be certain objectives are met and teams are sufficiently trained to handle the day to day operations. The optimization phase can be the vital difference between overall success and failure of the technology.

A partner you can trust

Welcome partners! Active Expert was built on partner relationships we maintain to this very day. We provide our partners a powerful resource and present a unified front with customers. Many of the projects we do today are done in the field wearing a partners flag, or working alongside our partners. Clients understand the day’s of one-partner fits all mentality is largely over, that the best teams are comprised of specialist who works well together are the teams providing the best enterprise solutions.