Enterprise Consulting

Active Expert is proud to be a powerful resource for our clients business and enterprise partners. If you are here it’s likely because one of our existing clients, partners, students, or employee’s referred you. Take a moment to learn about our offering, better yet schedule a call to see of Active Expert Consulting services is right for you. Before we go into to our offering, let’s ensure we’re on the same page when it comes to consulting. Many vendors intertwine consulting and professional services, however, we look at these as two different service offerings and here’s why. Many IT companies and Value Added Resellers or VAR’s plan their consulting services around only selling hardware, software, and services they are equipped to offer to maximize their sales. Some even offer to consult as a value-add, meaning it’s part of the “Sales Process”. They recover their consulting fees by selling hardware or software they recommend as part of their consulting process. The problem is many times the right solution may include products or services from other vendors, or a variety of 3rd party vendors. Technology is changing to fast for dated, single-vendor-hero models. In short, we are different.

Typical Technology Investments

Companies invest millions in technology, hardware, software, licensing, real-estate, utilities, and even more in the people, devices, partners, contractors, and clients who all benefit from these investments. When considering the larger picture retaining a world-class consulting team can quickly become your most valuable resource.

Enterprise Consulting

If you become a Consulting client of our’s you will work with one of our top resources to evaluate your business, your goals, current providers, existing resources, and your internal teams. When it’s determined a consulting relationship is a good fit for both of our companies, we partner with you to meet the goals we identified and as well as plan for the future in a completely vendor-neutral, and unbiased way. Our team has tenured experience and is uniquely qualified to solve complex technical challenges in the enterprise. We have experience providing enterprise wireless and security consulting to the following industries and support our clients globally.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Stadium, Arena, and Large Complex
  • Aerospace
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

Proven Experience to get it right the first time

When you use Active Expert Consulting, your Enterprise Consultant gives you access to an entire team of Wireless subject matter experts. We employee three percent of the worlds certified wireless expert community directly, countless more indirectly. We have helped our clients plan and design consistent and reliable wireless access to some of the most challenging environments there is.

New security firms, applications, and innovations are popping up daily to face the ever-growing threat landscape. With all the new innovations it’s hard to cut through the hype and identify the best solutions for your enterprise to mitigate risk. Use our experience and insight to ensure the right controls, solutions, people, and processes are put in place to keep your enterprise out of the negative headlines.

When the next technical project or goal is mission critical, Active Expert Enterprise Consulting services offer peace of mind. A partner to review existing technology investments, and help identify new ones to show your company the absolute best end-user experience and maximum ROI.