Every day brings new challenges

Looking for World-Class Wireless & Security Experts to make IT happen?

Active Expert has built a reputation for delivering mission-critical Wireless Networks for many of the world’s largest companies for over a decade. We don’t just promise great Wireless we guarantee it. Even with some of the most challenging environments imaginable, think under-ground mines, NFL Stadiums, 85K seat arena’s or building a wireless infrastructure to support remote operated, heavy machinery weighing in the tons, we design with clear SLAs in mind. Our We welcome the truly BIG challenges and have a history with both vendor and industry firsts.

Our company was founded on strong alliances and partnerships.

We are blessed to be where we are today. “Much of our success stems from strong partnerships and alliances which ensure everyone does what they do best. We turn down at least as many projects as we accept, simply because we are not the right fit for everyone, says George Stefanick – Director of Professional Services. Our mission is not to get 100K customers, we want 100 great clients. We are thankful for the relationships we have today and strive to always deliver exactly what the customer expects us to.”

Our Story

Active Expert is not your typical IT Value Added Reseller or VAR, in-fact we rarely resell any IT hardware software for the projects we support. We specialize and focus on the things we do incredibly well, and we never accept projects that we can’t deliver. Many clients have asked us if we are not selling hundreds of millions of dollars of vendor hardware how we have such great relationships with Cisco Systems, HPE/Aruba, CommScope/Rucks, and so many others? Truth is, we fix just as many networks as we plan/design ourselves. As we were coming up, Active Expert was called on to fix more than a few very large projects gone astray for one reason or another. With millions of dollars and vendor reputations on the line, Active Expert became a trusted partner to “make IT happen”. We would not only go into a troubled client and solve their challenges, but we would also teach the clients about the technology, deliver mentored consulting sessions with the team so they understood the tech, where things went wrong and what we were doing to make thing better. We would then define SLA’s and work together to make it happen. Pretty soon the word got out Active Expert is the “make IT happen” company and our reputation became a major marketing force which continues to drive us to this day. To find out how we can make it happen for you, contact us here.

Active Expert is a leading IT Consulting, Professional Services, and Training company with a world-class team of Internetwork Experts, SME’s, Instructors, and Developers to bring the most challenging of projects to fruition. Active Expert is the sister company to WiFi Training, a global leader in technical training so our talent bench is extremely strong for a midsize firm. Our team has subject-matter expertise in Enterprise Networking, Automation, IoT, and Technical Education, but most people know when it comes to Wireless & Security we stand apart. More than a dozen of the worlds Wireless Expert’s (CWNE / CCIEW) call Active Expert and our sister training firm WiFi Training home.

Why choose Us

Why you should choose us?

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    Why Active Expert

    Is a leading provider of consulting and education services for the IT industry.

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    Consulting Group

    Rapid solutions to the most complex IT challenges, and environments. Focused, Passionate, Results Driven.

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    Training and Enablement

    In today’s world consistent team training, development, and growth is the only way forward.