managed services

Managed Services

Active Expert offer’s unique Managed Services to meet our clients demands. Our leadership team spent thousands of man hour’s planning, and laying the ground work for what has become our managed service offering today.

We have a specific Managed Services offering including

  • WAAS – Wireless as a Service
  • Enterprise Access Management
  • WaaS for SMB & Enterprise Branch

WaaS – Wireless as a Service

Let’s face it, Wireless subject matter expertise is still extremely small compared to the rest of the global IT talent pools. Where there are over 20K certified experts in wired technologies, we still have less than 300 in the wireless space. These numbers trickle down and at all skill levels for wireless technologies. The reality is WiFi is the number one network access method in the world, and the number of users and devices for enterprise continues to grow at stellar rates. Wireless as a Service gives clients the ability to augment their skills gap on a temporary or ongoing basis, where Active Expert team members take care of Wireless Life Cycle technologies including plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize phases. It’s up to our client which phases we are responsible for, or we can take ownership of all phases.

Once agreements are in place and initial assessments are performed by our team, we configure any necessary integrations so our team can begin seamlessly working as part of your organization.

In most cases these services can be performed centrally through our support centers, without requiring on-site personal, dedicated leased lines or circuits to your facilities. Our new Eskava cloud platform allows our customers to centrally monitor and manage some or all of their critical network infrastructure from anywhere, clients simply issue us access to the wireless components, including controllers, AP’,s LAN switches where necessary. For clients who do prefer on-site resources, you will be assigned dedicated Active Expert support team members who will be stationed at your facilities similar to IT outsourcing but with the full support Active Expert.

WaaS for SMB and Enterprise Branch – NEW

Active Expert is proud to announce the end-to-end branch services, powered by Meraki. Active Expert will plan, design, deploy, and manage your entire wireless infrastructure, and handle support request from users. We setup communication routing so our team handles the support request on your behalf and works as a member of your team with users to solve those challenging end-user issues. Our team can even provide secure remote desktop support and handle any issues around wireless.

about managed services

Not your average MSP. 

Managed Services is an umbrella term used to describe regular support, maintenance, or outsourcing of a system or systems. Many vendors purchase off the shelf SaaS systems to provide these services to their customers, with a goal of supporting as the largest number of endpoints possible. However using off the shelf SaaS applications only, means the MSP can only innovate at the speed their vendor does, and what happens when the needs grow beyond that application?

Our team has earned a reputation for focusing on the services we provide best, and that has helped us grow into the family we have today. When we decided to enter the managed services business, we created a suite of services we knew we could meet our client demands, and we could be leaders in.

Instead of an off the shelf SaaS tool, we built our own platform, along with team training, and support procedures which have become the XXXXX platform we are proud to offer today.

Then their’ s the network which connects it all, which on its own has a variety of skill set’s required to provide good end-user experiences. Some of the technologies involved in modern networks include

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • AP’s & Controllers
  • Anti-Virus, Malware, Spyware, etc.
  • Network Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Servers and Virtualization

Why partner with Active Expert

Five reasons to use Active Expert for WaaS

  • System and Services designed around Wireless
  • Strong international team of Wireless Expert’s and Professionals
  • Lower burden on existing IT resources
  • Provide excellent end-user experience
  • Wireless and WiFi is what we do, and have done from day 1.