#WiFiMeetup / #WiFiHappyHour Gothenburg, Sweden Jan 24, 2019

#WiFiMeetup / #WiFiHappyHour Gothenburg, Sweden Jan 24, 2019

It’s time to kick-start a new year! There has been lots of exciting wireless announcements in 2018, like a new numbering scheme (do you have WiFi 9), more spectrum (H**** Yeah) and new PHY’s. We believe 2019 to be an even bigger year for great WiFi and decided to kick this year’s #WiFiMeetup / #WiFiHappyHour events off in Sweden. To celebrate community, jokes, laughs, tasty beverages, and all things wireless / #WiFi. It’s time we bring this tech focused international happy hour to Gothenburg, Sweden January 26th, 2018.

What is this event about?

In a word community.

802.11 based #WiFi has only a few hundred experts (GLOBALLY).  We are a small tight knit community of hardworking, passionate (sometimes too passionate) people who love an excuse to break away from the day to day to talk about the very thing we are breaking from.

We found that most professionals / experts in our industry are incredibly busy and travel extensively.  The #WiFiMeetup events are designed to give us another opportunity to network with like minded professionals and experts if only for an hour or two. We have held these events with great success internationally, and it’s now time to bring this event to the Nordics.

Event Host: Active Expert is a global provider of IT Consulting, Professional Services, and Training specializing in Wireless and Security. Several of our Sr. Consultants from the AE team, and Sr. Instructors from the WiFi Training business unit will be in attendance, as well as many colleagues, friends, students, and soon to be one of the above. These events are a way for us to give back to the community, and are entirely funded in-house. We do not share or sell information of those who attend.

Event Date: Jan 24th, 2019

Event Time: TBD

Event Cost: (know the magic word)

Event Location: Gothenburg, Sweden (Venue TBD, you will receive an official invite via e-mail with venue details, and directions)

What should I bring? A good attitude, and like-minded friends in the Wireless or Security spaces.




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